We fully welcome all people into the life of the church,

valuing diversity in culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation,

gender identity and expression, ability, age, and theology.

We believe God loves diversity 

and created each of us unique, 

in God's image. 

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We are taking the COVID 19 virus very seriously and continue to be mindful that it is extremely dangerous to the most vulnerable people in our community, including our children. Because of this, we are following CDC recommendations which include:

  • Wearing masks when we gather indoors

  • Practicing social distancing 

  • Encouraging everyone age 12 and older to get vaccinated, unless directed otherwise by their personal healthcare provider

We continue to urge you to make decisions about how you will engage in our community based on what is best for your family.

We are still working to serve the church and the community. You are important to us.

If you have a pastoral care need, please call our Senior Minister, Rev. Kelley Becker, on her cell phone: 309-826-8513.

All other inquiries and concerns can be directed to our Administrative Minister, Rev. Anna Hubbard, who can be reached through the church office number 918-333-1372. 

Please stay safe and remember...you are loved!

Love in a Pantry1.JPG
Love in a Pantry
Emergency Food Pantry 24/7
(under the portico on the east side of the church)