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What if I'm Not Sure "Church" is for me? 

At DCC, we understand that lots of people have been hurt, abused, or otherwise traumatized by the church. We understand too, that others may not have much exposure to church beyond the hateful rhetoric some churches focus on. We grieve that such experiences are so common, and we strive to do church differently. We believe we are called to live in community, rather than on our own, as long as that community operates with care and integrity. 

At DCC, we strive to be a safe place to belong. We strive to be a place where people of strong faith and people of no faith know they are loved. 

If you need to get to know us slowly, that's just fine. If you have questions, please ask! If there are things we can do to help you feel more comfortable while becoming part of the community, please let us know.  We really do strive to live into our core value of Welcome with intention. 

When we mess up, and we will, it is usually because we're a group of humans doing the best we can, and not because we are an institution focused on preserving power. 

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